Mom’s Little Cornbread Baby

Aug 18

Mom’s Little Cornbread Baby

My mom has often referred to me as her little Cornbread Baby, which is a random nickname to bestow upon your child (I’m used to “Becca” or “Bec” as more conventional monikers). As always, there’s a Mom Story behind the nickname that makes perfect sense to her but leaves us scratching our heads.

I’ve met a fair share of half Koreans who look way more Asian than I do. People almost never pick “Asian” when they play the Guess My Nationality game — more often than not, I get Hispanic. (I’ve fooled many a Mexican in my time!) My other siblings look more ethnic than I do. Normally you’d chalk it up to the luck of the genetic draw, but as usual, my mom has a perfectly logical explanation for why her kids vary in Koreanness.

According to her:

“When I pregnant with Mia, I live in Korea so I only eat Korean food. That’s why she come out looking most Korean. I pregnant with John in Korea and eat mostly Korean food, so he look a lot Korean too. Then we move to Meechygan (Michigan) and I eat mostly American food when pregnant with Gene, so he look more American. By time I pregnant with you, all I eat is cornbread and beans. You my little Cornbread Baby!”

And that is how Mom explains why I don’t look that Asian.


  1. This totally explains why my brother looks like he’s made of milkshakes.

    • Rebecca /

      You know the saying, you are what your mom eats when she’s pregnant with you.

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