Mom Misses the Point

Feb 01

Mom Misses the Point

A while back, I was reading a magazine when I saw a sidebar mention that South Koreans face extinction by the year 2750 unless they improve their “ultra-low” fertility rate. Thinking this was an interesting fact, I took a picture of it for later reference. Eventually, I texted the picture to my mom since I wanted to hear her thoughts and what she’d say about the possibility of her people someday going extinct due to their disinterest in squeezing out babies (a reality I’d think my mom would find unfathomable given her pushy obsession with me having “at least two kids” in the near future).

The picture:

My people are going extinct

Since my phone is a piece of crap and the button required to take a screenshot is broken, I’ve transcribed our succinct conversation below:

My text to Mom:

“Tell Sun-Goo and Min-Young to have more kids.”

(Sungoo and Minyoung are my cousins in Korea.)

My mom’s immediate response:

“Looks like Sungoo’s little girl Cute.”

The entire point went whooshing over her head. (Admittedly, she’s five feet tall and rapidly shrinking, so I could easily see this happening again.)

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