Mom’s Opinion of My New Job

Dec 30

Last spring I joined a growing tech startup in an exciting emerging industry. I’ve always loved working for startups because I really enjoy the frantic pace, the frustrating-yet-rewarding growing pains, and growing my professional skills by having to assume multiple roles. This startup is actually one of the more promising I’ve worked for — we have strong leadership, smart, passionate employees, and are establishing ourselves as a major contender in our industry. There’s one small detail that makes my job especially interesting: it’s in the cannabis space. In May, I joined a company called Leafly, which is a leading cannabis information resource. I hear all sorts of groan-worthy, eye-rolling comments whenever I tell people where I work; lots of “Do you guys all get high at work?” (no), “So is there like a huge bowl of weed at the reception desk instead of candy?” (no), “Man, how do you get anything done there?” (because it’s a real job with real responsibilities? What’s not to get?). I serve as the company’s Content, Community, and Engagement Manager and have built a small but growing team to handle all of the projects that have a content component to them, plus we manage the site’s News & Culture and Knowledge Center sections and our brand’s social media presence. Honestly, it’s a great company and my fellow employees and I work very hard to grow Leafly into a fantastic resource for recreational consumers and medical patients alike. I’m happy in what I do for the company and am really excited at the possibility of growing my role as Leafly grows. (And, let’s face it, it’s a job that guarantees there will never be a dull moment or boring day at work.) My friends were overwhelmingly supportive and most of my family didn’t seem to care when I told them about my new job. (Jason’s grandmother is one exception, and my oldest brother was a bit “WTF” but he was more amused than disapproving.) I was, however, a bit hesitant to tell my mom because I was a little worried about how she’d react. I don’t really know what her stance is on cannabis so I wasn’t sure whether she’d think I was doing something...

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Mom’s Not a Fan of That Contest

Feb 14

Mom doesn’t typically offer up her opinion of people, but when she does it’s often quite amusing. Recently my brother John emailed me with a random Mom gem. He said he was chatting with her on the phone when, without warning, she started to inexplicably rant about today’s youth. Apparently she was out running errands when a couple of teenage girls entered the establishment. Mom: “Then girl show up. My gahhhh. She show up, show off belly so proud. She wear shirt that only cover nipple! Then another girl show up. My gahhh! Why teenagers always want titty contest?!?!?” I don’t know, Mom, your guess is as good as...

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