About My Mom

This is my Korean mom:

My Korean mom

Things to know about her:

  • She’s happiest when cooking a gigantic meal that fattens up her kids, at which point she points out how they’re getting fat.
  • Her name is Kyong Cha, but people who are too dumb to pronounce it (kee-young-chah) call her Lee, which is her maiden name.
  • She’s barely 5 ft tall and is probably shrinking.
  • On a good day she’s 100 lbs. As such, my siblings and I use the term “cha” as a unit of measurement equaling roughly 100 lbs. For example, a typical mid-size sedan weighs about 35 chas.
  • She’s fluent in both Korean and English, although her Korean friends say she’s been living in the US for so long that she speaks “junk Korean.” She is mostly proficient in English but drops the occasional letter from words (e.g., “He’s crazy” –> “He crazy”).
  • She loves to complain about things, even things she enjoys doing (the Asian Martyr Effect).
  • She’s hilarious but doesn’t know it.
  • She’s also kind of scary and probably knows it.

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