In Love with That Green Boy

Aug 20

In Love with That Green Boy

I’m a huge Legend of Zelda fan. My brothers did their duty as older male siblings and got me hooked on video games when I was good and young, and my favorite by far has been the Legend of Zelda series. Even as an adult, I still sneak-purchase the occasional piece of Zelda merchandise — I have t-shirts, a Triforce necklace courtesy of the boyfriend, and I even shelled out $140 for a gorgeous custom wood cutting board with the Triforce adorned on it (don’t judge, I don’t use it for cooking — it’s display only).

The Ocarina of Time came out when I was 15 years old, and I played it whenever I had spare time. At any given moment you could pass by the family room and see me sitting in front of the TV like a little kid, an N64 controller in my hand, a pencil tucked behind my ear, and the official strategy guide on my lap in case I got super stuck and didn’t know what to do (I’m also one of those anal-retentive types who has to find every heart piece and do every side quest, so the guide comes in handy when I need to make sure I’m not missing anything).

My mom knows nothing about video games other than the fact that my brothers and I enjoy playing them. Whenever she’d see me playing Zelda, she’d just roll her eyes and say, “Rebecca playing that Green Boy again. Aaaaaalways playing Green Boy. She in love with that Green Boy!” After a while, my brother John would bait Mom into making a funny “Green Boy” comment by asking her what I was playing. It quickly became a running joke in the house that I was in love with Green Boy.

In The Ocarina of Time, there are a couple points in the game where the main character Link changes tunics depending on what temple he’s at. He starts out in a green tunic (hence “Green Boy”), but later he changes to a red tunic that’s fire-resistant, and after that he eventually switches to a blue tunic for a water level. I had gotten to the Fire Temple where I changed into the red Goron tunic, and my my mom happened to pass by.

John, wanting to see if my mom would notice that “Green Boy” was no longer green, said with a coy smile on his face, “Hey Mom, what’s Rebecca playing again?”

My mom looked up and said, as expected, “That damn Green Boy. She so in love with Green Bo — HEY! Wha happen?!!”

We all laughed like idiots. It seems that Mom is more perceptive than we thought.


  1. Zak Nicola /

    Cute story, my wife love playing “Green Boy” too.

  2. I never played Zelda but my mom played all of the Nintendo versions. Go figure.

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