How to Deal with a Sick Spouse, Korean Mom-Style

Jan 04

How to Deal with a Sick Spouse, Korean Mom-Style

My mom had called on New Year’s Eve to see what I was doing to celebrate, but I missed her call so she left a message. Here’s what she said, verbatim:

“What are you doing New Year’s Eve? Partying already?! *silence* Anywayyyy, I call for have a happy new year and lots of luck to my baby girl. Okay? Then healthy, okay? Bye.”

Unfortunately, the “and healthy” part flew right out the window by Sunday night. Last week Jason got sick, and while I managed to fend off his cooties until after the new year, I finally succumbed to the plague and have been battling a fever and sinus congestion ever since. After unsuccessfully trying to get ahold of Mom over the weekend, I was able to call her back today and have one of our typical brief conversations.

Mom: “Hello?”

Me: “Hi Mom, it’s me.”

Mom: “Hi honeyyyy, how you doing?”

Me: “I’m sick.”

Mom: “Yeah? You sound sick.”

Me: “Yeah, Jason was sick last week, and now I’m sick.”

Mom: “That’s what happen when you have partner who’s sick. He get sick and then you get sick.”

Me: “Yeah, pretty much.”

Mom: “…you should avoid him.”

Me, laughing hoarsely: “Kind of hard for me to do that, we live together.”

Mom: “Send him away then.”

Me: “Away? Where to?”

Mom: “Send him to his parents’ house. Make him live there.”

Me, laughing: “I can’t do that, he doesn’t live there any more.”

Mom: “Okay…tell him make you soup.”

I relayed Mom’s quarantine advice to Jason, which made him laugh. Then I told him that Mom said he had to make me some soup. He didn’t laugh at that part. :-/

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  1. I love this! I actually laughed out loud. How have I not seen this site before?! Now I have to go look through the archives. 🙂

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