Mom’s Charity Work

Apr 25

Recently my mom had considered flying to Colorado with her husband to attend his niece’s wedding reception, and since I travel to Colorado regularly for work, I wanted to try and coordinate our trips so I could see them. Unfortunately, they decided not to take the trip. My stepdad has been working a lot lately and didn’t want to take the time off to go to Colorado. I chatted with my mom about the nixed plans and learned about the interesting “charity work” she does.

Me: “What do you do while Kurt’s working?”

Mom: “Lots of stuff! I busy!”

Me: “Like what?”

Mom: “I do charity.”

Me: “Really? Where?”

Mom: “I go to John’s.”

I stifled my laughter. Only my mom would consider visiting her son and bringing him food as charity work.

Me: “That’s it?”

Mom: “I do stuff for Korean church too.”

Me: “Really? Like what?”

Mom: “Lots of stuff! Summer time I grow vegetables and give to them. Winter they have Sunday service and then brunch. I cook for poor. Make them kimchi.”

Me: “That’s nice of you.”

Mom: “I call them today though, tell them I’m not coming in. I go to mall instead — lots sales. I buy really nice ties.”

I love that my mom played hooky from doing charity work so she could go shopping.

Me: “Ties? What’d you buy those for?”

Mom: “John need ties for principal job! I buy ties for him.” No joke, my brother is 36 years old with a successful job, yet she still buys him work clothes as if he couldn’t afford to purhase them himself.

Me: “Oh.”

Mom: “Nice ties! Big sale, designer brands — Roff Lorn. You know?”

Yes, I’m familiar with the designer Roff Lorn.

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