New Picture Mail: The Kyongstant Gardener

May 31

New Picture Mail: The Kyongstant Gardener

Having recently mastered the technological feat of being able to send picture mail, my mom is now on a roll when it comes to snapping photos and firing them my way. A few days ago I called to wish my stepdad a happy birthday (I dared not forget and incur the wrath of Cha two years in a row), and my mom told me she was doing some gardening and that later they were going to have a barbecue. We finished our chat and I went about my business. Roughly three minutes later, my phone buzzed and lit up. I looked down and saw this:

I’m diggin’ the gangsta lean.

I’m not entirely sure what to focus on here–there’s so much going on, from the odd hospital-issue slippers, the collared shirt and work apron combo, the weird stance, and what looks like a wide mouth bottle of Coors Light in a beer koozie. All I can say is that I’m enjoying these picture mails very, very much.

(photo credit: Abby Lanes via photopin cc)

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