Mom’s Important Meeting

Jul 11

It’s been a while, but that doesn’t mean my mom is any less amusing; I’ve just been busy with starting a new job and ramping up my Ironman training. Speaking of the Ironman, since Mom insisted she was too busy with her peppers to watch me race Ironman Canada, I’ve been pondering other locations for future races. Ironman Arizona has looked like a somewhat promising option since my mom’s mother-in-law lives in Phoenix and she and my stepdad visit often–I brought up that race to her and she cautiously agreed to watch.

Recently, however, my boyfriend has been pestering me about signing up for Ironman Wisconsin 2013. It’d be in September instead of November like Arizona, and the course is more appealing (rolling hills instead of numerous flat loops). I brought up Wisconsin to my mom to see how’d she react.

Me: “There’s another Ironman race in Wisconsin in September. I was thinking of doing that next year. Would you be able to come out and watch?”

Mom: “Wisconson? Oh yeah, Kuht and I drive. Meel-wok-eee?”

Me: “No, Madison.”

Mom: “How far is Madison?”

I pulled up Google Maps and mapped out a driving course.

Me: “Looks about seven and a half hours.”

Mom: “Yeah, okay. We can drive.”

Me: “So you’d want to come out and watch the race? Which one would work better for you, Arizona or Wisconsin?”

Mom: “Ummm, Wisconsin. Cuz we’d have our own car. Air-eee-jone-uh we have to rent car.”

Me: “Okay, cool.”

Mom: “We drive out and watch…WAIT!! Not September 9th!”

Me: “What?”

Mom: “Race September 9th? September 9th no good!”

Me: “Well…”

I pulled up the Ironman Wisconsin website. This year’s race was indeed on September 9th, but next year’s date wasn’t set yet.

Me: “This year the race is September 9th, yeah, but I’m talking about doing the race next year. 2013. It’d be around the first weekend of September.”

Mom: “Oh, good. I head of Korean-American Uh-So-She-A-Shun. We’re having meeting at my house September 9th. Very important! I serve vegetables from my garden and bulgogi. Next year good, this year I have meeting.”

I couldn’t help but laugh. My mom has become quite the important little Korean over in Michigan.

Me: “So you’re sure that next September would work? What about your peppers? I thought pepper season goes until like October.”

Mom, chiding: “Peppers be fine for a couple DAYS, Rebecca.”

Nice, I like how I’m made out to look like the asshole for jumping to unreasonable conclusions despite the fact that those damn peppers were the exact reason why she couldn’t watch me race Ironman Canada in August 2010.

So now I’m tentatively thinking about doing Ironman Wisconsin in 2013, provided my mom’s peppers or her very important position as the head of the local Michigan-suburb Korean-American Association doesn’t create a schedule conflict.


  1. Leah /

    I vote yes on Wisconsin Ironman! I live in Madison and would be happy to make the switch from blog stalking to real life cheering 🙂

  2. Wherrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeee in Michigan is this lovely Mama?

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