Yes, My Mom Knits Her Own Pants

Mar 11

Yes, My Mom Knits Her Own Pants

One of the many things I didn’t know about my mom until recently is that she likes to knit. She’s knitted hats and headbands for my nieces and recently whipped up a Michigan Wolverines-colored scarf for my brother so he’d stay warm after his hip surgery. I’ve previously had conversations with her where she had said she was sitting at home knitting pants, but I’ve never actually been able to catch a glimpse of these bad boys…

…until now. My brother texted me this picture of my mom modeling her latest creation:



Yes, those are maroon-colored pants with a built-in belt. And yes, my mother has paired her hand-knitted pants with a furry gray vest and black and white striped socks. If this ensemble doesn’t scream Korean Whoville, I don’t know what does.

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