My First Text from Mom

Jun 12

My First Text from Mom

My last post broke the monumental news that my mother finally stepped for into the 21st century and bought an EYE-phone 4. She had previously learned to master sending picture mail but was incapable of sending text messages. The iPhone, however, became a game changer. So many technological opportunities for my mom to figure out! And so much amusement to go with it!

The week of my mom’s birthday, I sent her a text message to let her know that I had ordered some gifts for her and that she should expect them to arrive later that week. I wasn’t anticipating a response from her since she had never responded to my texts in the past, and because I still didn’t think she knew how to text.


Your standard courtesy text.

No joke, about 90 seconds later, my phone lit up:



HOLY SHIT. Mom responded to my text!! She knows how to text now?! THIS WAS A GAME-CHANGER. I ran upstairs and way-too-excitedly showed my boyfriend. He laughed and was more impressed with the quick response time. “My mom takes about a week to respond to texts,” he said.

I sent a response to Mom along with a little happy face icon:


Pretty accurate depiction of my actual reaction.

A minute or so later came her reply:

I died laughing.

I died laughing.

To quote Walter White, “You’re goddamn right” she is.

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